My First Blog

I’m very new to blogging and this will be my first blog and post.  I’m quite a private person and don’t post much about myself online or even use Facebook all that often.  I find that I share my thoughts with friends or family and usually in person or on the phone, not in public domains.  I’m the same with photos.  I use Instagram to post photos but very rarely put any on there.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy popular culture.  I definitely do!!! I love to have the latest gadgets or play the latest games.  Has anyone else found themselves addicted to Clash of Clans? I watch TV on demand and listen to podcasts when I go walking.  I also enjoy engaging students with popular culture in the classroom as it often makes the lesson more engaging.

What I’m hoping is to learn more about blogging this Semester and then take what I have learnt and create one for the students in my class.  I would ideally like to set up a class reading blog to begin with.  Hopefully that will give me more confidence with using one because then I would like to take it further and set up individual blogs for the students.

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